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Picture of Tim Wells "Slock Master" Blowgun

Tim Wells "Slock Master" Blowgun

“I've never shot a faster, more hard hitting, accurate blow gun in all my life. I love this baby and you will too!” -Tim Wells (Relentless Pursuit)
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Price: $55.99


The Tim Wells "Slock Master" Blowgun by Cold Steel can fire up to 200 FPS. Fastest, Most Powerful Blowgun In The World!

tim wells slock master blowgun by cold steel

BLOWGUN INSTRUCTIONS: Always make sure the barrel is clear. Never look up into the barrel of a blowgun as anything inside of it could fall back into your eye. Push the dart into the mouthpiece until you feel it snap into position. To aim the blowgun, keep both of your eyes open and focus directly on the target. Turn your head to the side to fill your lungs, turn back and place your mouth gently on the mouthpiece. Point the tip of the blowgun at the target and blow a hard, quick burst of air through the mouthpiece. With practice, you will learn how to consistently hit your desired target.

• BIG BORE® Blowguns are not toys! Adult supervision is highly suggested when in use by a minor.
• Do not aim or shoot the blowgun at or near other people.
• Do not use these darts for any type of animal control or pet training.
• Take caution not to inhale the darts. Always use protective  eyewear, and use soft, well protected surfaces as targets to avoid ricochet.
• The buyer/user assumes full responsibility for all safety practices and legal use of this product. Check with your state and local authorities before purchase and or use.